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Allum Lane by Square Feet Architects

Allum Lane is a project designed by Square Feet Architects. New build house conceived to cater for multi-generational extended family living. The house is based on a cruciform plan with primary, secondary and circulation spaces informally defined in space and structure. The exterior uses a traditional contextual material – brick – in a modern, sculptural form together with expansive areas of glass bringing great light and views onto the re-landscaped rear garden. Photography by Rick McCullagh

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Thurlow Road by Square Feet Architects

Thurlow Road is a project designed by Square Feet Architects. Situated in Hampstead, Thurlow Road is a new residential property nestled among stucco villas. The 300m2 three-storey house takes inspiration from nearby modernist buildings, creating a development that effectively contributes to the architectural landscape of the area. By adopting a warm palette of materials alongside distinctive interiors, Square Feet consider how each element of the home relates to one another, producing a property that responds to the needs of the client. Photography by Paul Smoothy.


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