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Small yet Stylish Flat in the Heart of Stockholm

This amazing one room apartment measures 366 square feet and is located in Östermalm, a large district in central Stockholm, Sweden.

Small yet Stylish Flat in the Heart of Stockholm 01

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Elegant Attic on Norrbackagatan, Stockholm.

This elegant attic covers an area of 1,260 square feet over two floors and is located on Norrbackagatan, a street of Stockholm, Sweden. It is currently for sale for around $1.17 million by Tradition.

Elegant Attic on Norrbackagatan, Stockholm 01

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Stockholm Apartment by Johanna Laskey.

This retro-artistic apartment is the former home of Johanna Laskey Lifestyle Stylist and is located in Stockholm, Sweden.

Stockholm Apartment by Johanna Laskey 01

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Representative Attic by Karlaplan.

This representative attic is located beside Karlaplan an open park-plaza area in Östermalm in Stockholm, Sweden, the highest caliber with a minimalist design and a total area of ​​157 sqm. This apartment is currently for sale by Per Jansson.

Representative Attic by Karlaplan 01

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Sweden Loft in Kungsholmen.

Awesome Sweden Loft for sale, in very good condition for a total of 198 sqm located on Kungsholmen, an island in Lake Mälaren, Stockholm.

Loft in Kungsholmen 01

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Penthouse on Kungsholmen Island in Stockholm.

This wonderful penthouse is located on the sixth and top floor of a 1986 building on Kungsholmen island, in Lake Mälaren in Sweden, part of Stockholm City. The 1,960 square foot apartment has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. A fourth bedroom or a study could be easily added in the living room.
Recently sold by Robert Palm for around $1,6 million.

Penthouse on Kungsholmen Island in Stockholm 01

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