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Casa Azul by Studio MK27

Casa Azul is located in Iporanga, Guarujá, on the coast of São Paulo, Brazil. Being inserted in an environmental preservation area of the Atlantic Forest, the residence designed by Studio MK27 obeyed the rules of environmental certification and conservation of the existing landscape. Photography by André Scarpa.

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MG Residence by Gilda Meirelles Architecture

Located in the Quinta da Baroneza Condominium in Bragança Paulista (SP), the MG Residence, designed by Gilda Meirelles Arquitetura, is a single-storey house where all the rooms are interconnected in a fluid way, delivering a house with the atmosphere of modern life in the countryside. Photography by Evelyn Müller.

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Casa Guaimbê by Schuchovski Arquitetura

The design of Casa Guaimbê by Schuchovski Arquitetura seeks to enhance the views of the private garden as well as the city. The land is located on a steep slope, with neighbors on both sides. The orthogonal character sought to orient the openings to the main view, guaranteeing privacy for the house. This way, we managed to create a large free area for the garden and swimming pool, taking advantage of the sunniest orientation. Photography by Eduardo Macarios.

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Casa Terras by Atelier C2HA

Designed by architects Ivan Cassola, Fernanda Castilho and Rafael Haiashida, partners of Atelier C2HA, Casa Terras, located in Itu – São Paulo, was conceived for a family looking for a more comfortable life in contact with nature.

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Rollingwood Modern in Austin by LaRue Architects

This stunning, modern residence was designed with a northeast farmhouse typology by LaRue Architects. The home’s layout features modern cantilevered ‘boxes’ juxtaposed with gabled house forms. Situated atop a steep hill in Austin’s Rollingwood neighborhood, the site features spectacular downtown views of the city’s growing skyline. Dubbed Rollingwood Modern, the sprawling 6,700 SF home features new interiors by Kelle Contine Interior Design (KCID). Photography by Chase Daniel.

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Off-Grid Guest House

Off-Grid Guest House located in the Central Coast of California is a project designed by ANACAPA Architecture in collaboration with Willson Design, and with Jessica Helgerson Interior Design. At the heart of the owner’s objective for this project was preserving and protecting the natural environment. Located on one of California’s last remaining undeveloped coastal areas, this modern guest house resides on a wildlife preserve, exemplifying a successful balance of residential development and ecological preservation. Photography by Erin Feinblatt

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Oakland Hills Hillside Home and Studio by Andrew Morrall Architect

The 2nd Oakland Hill’s Modern Home built by Andrew Morrall Architect from the ground up on a steep and challenging Hillside. The San Francisco Bay Area Modern Home and Studio was Designed by the Architect and his Partner to live and work in. Photography by Jean Bai.


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Comfort in Context by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute

Comfort in Context is a project designed by Chain10 Architecture & Interior Design Institute. The property is adjacent to the low-density residential area of the Agongdian Reservoir in the mountains of Kaohsiung. To escape from the bustling urban lifestyle, we closely connect our project with the environment, an area that is rich in greens and hills. Photography by MOOOTEN Studio, KyleYu Photo Studio.

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Z3 : A Centrally Located Estate by Architect Raz Melamed

Next to an Avocado plantation, a unique architecture combined with modern elements is built from the ground up by Architect Raz Melamed, who designed this three generation home overlooking a view taken straight from a postcard. Photography by Amit Garon. Assistant Photographer: Michael Shevdron.

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Maison Meadowlark by Studio Zung

Maison Meadowlark designed by Studio Zung tells a special story through the use of natural materials and respecting nature’s changing patterns. Natural light creates shifting patterns on the opposing wall of the glass paned hallway leading from the main house past the guest bedrooms and to the master suite. Subtle color palette and interior design use contrasting tactile elements to create an environment of luxury and accessibility. The views of the pool and garden through the large and continuous windows enable an ever-present connection to nature. Photography by Adrian Gaut.

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