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House in Muda by Vasco Lima Mayer

Muda’s House designed by Vasco Lima Mayer is a family holiday home designed to be a meeting place for grandparents, parents and grandchildren. In the initial briefing, the clients proposed a very interesting organization of the spaces. The request consisted of building the house in 3 different blocks: The main one with a bedroom and a small living room for the grandparents, and two similar ones for their children and grandchildren, with two bedrooms each. Photography by Filipe Borralho.

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Apartment in Cais do Sodré by Vasco Lima Mayer

Apartment in Cais do Sodré is a project designed by Vasco Lima Mayer. Despite having a typical Lisbon design, with high ceilings and wide corridors, this project always had the objective of making a comfortable home within the parameters of contemporaneity. Photography by Fernando Guerra | FG+SG.


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House in Galamares by Vasco Lima Mayer

House in Galamares is a project designed by Vasco Lima Mayer. “I started to design this house while I was still a student. This was my first “solo”, so it is very special to me.” The interior has a serene atmosphere and is characterized by spacious and bright spaces. All the choices made respect the minimalist identity of the project, with sober materials and soft tones (beige walls, white slabs, glass, wood and zinc). The beauty of simplicity is felt as a whole but also in the smallest details. Photography by Alexander Bogorodskiy.

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