Y House by BAD. Built by Associative Data

Y House is a project designed by BAD. Built by Associative Data and is located in a sub-urban village in South Lebanon. The site presents a natural asset of greenery and inspiring smooth topography overlooking amazing 360’ of views.

The house spreads its three volumes blending with the beautiful surrounding. All parts of the house revolve around a central hall which serves as an entrance to the project. One arm containing the living areas cantilevers over the road highlighting the entrance zone. The remaining arms sit firmly on the ground. One contains sleeping areas respecting the privacy of its residents and exposes them to the private garden/forest. The other contains recreational areas, pool and sport facilities. The three volumes offer a panoramic view of the surrounding, and frame it differently, accentuating the beauty of the site. The Corten steel skin allows the house to blend with the natural entourage, naturally landscaped by local trees and rocks. This natural mix is complemented by a water pond adding a mystic effect to the serenity of the project.

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