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Outremont 3 by Sophie P-Lefebrve

Outremont 3 is a project designed by Sophie P-Lefebrve. Located in the Outremont district of Montreal, the residence dating from 1920 is full of charm and personality. Photography by Phil Bernard Photographe.

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The Jewelry Box by Tzvia Kazayoff Design

The Jewelry Box is a project designed by Tzvia Kazayoff Design. Nestled in the heart of Ganei Tikva, a quiet and unassuming neighborhood, “The Jewelry Box” stands as a testament to the transformative power of determination and creativity. In 2023, this apartment, named after its owner’s passion for jewelry, became a beautiful haven in an otherwise humble location. Photography by Elad Gonen.

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Minimalist apartment by AS Arquitetas SP office

The AS Arquitetas SP office, composed of Luciana Gomes, Julia Brepohl, and Manuela Moreira, is responsible for the renovation of the 170m² apartment in Itaim Bibi, São Paulo (Brazil), with the challenge of creating a minimalist environment that reflects the personality of the new residents: a young couple who love to host friends and enjoy moments together with their pets, a pair of Golden Retrievers. Located on the second floor, the treetops seem to invade the apartment’s terrace, so the entire layout was designed to direct the view towards the greenery, creating a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Photography by Evelyn Muller.

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Pacific Promenade by Schédio Spaces

Pacific Promenade is a project designed by Schédio Spaces. Towering over the beach district of Downtown Vancouver, this three-bedroom penthouse felt dark and awkward as it had not been updated in over 20 years, leaving a complete rebuild as the only logical way forward. The clients are hoping to welcome a child in the years to come, however they love to entertain so also wanted a modern and sophisticated space. Therefore, the task became marrying functional indestructibility with clean, elevated design, resulting in a timeless, architecturally forward home with sensible storage and innovated finishes. Photography by Janis Nicolay Photography.


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Villanueva by Cuaik CDS

Villanueva is a project designed by Cuaik CDS. Located in the heart of the vibrant city of Madrid, the latest apartment on the exclusive Villanueva street is a testament to the perfect fusion of classic elegance and timelessness. This spacious 213 square meters apartment with three ample bedrooms has been meticulously designed to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere that adapts to any season, providing true ‘cozy’ comfort and a feeling of home. Photography by Mariola Soberón.

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Cambridge Palace by Schédio Spaces

Cambridge Palace is a project designed by Schédio Spaces. This two-bedroom condo on a beautiful cherry blossom lined street in Mount Pleasant was in desperate need of a complete redesign. The kitchen was entirely enclosed and nearly inoperable with less than a single foot of functional counter space. Photography by Janis Nicolay Photography.

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Modern Apartment where slow living trends meet exquisite designs by O&A London

Exploring this expertly designed modern apartment with a spacious terrace is like stepping into an oasis of tranquility, where quiet luxury and slow living principles converge. A well-known composer and singer, together with her partner, curated a breathtaking ambience in their beautiful new apartment located in an exquisite luxury development. The design perfectly reflects their personalities, easily combining elegant luxury with artistic charm to create an exclusive ambience throughout this sanctuary for relaxation at home. Renowned for its distinctive brand philosophy, O&A London was chosen to bring this vision to life. An essential part of the mission was to create a harmonious connection between elements of nature and the urban landscape.

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Small duplex apartment in Brussels by Ohra Studio

**Crafting My Dream Home in Brussels**
When Krzysztof and Rui, like many of my valued clients, took the exciting step of buying a new apartment in Brussels, I saw an opportunity to turn a blank canvas into a cozy sanctuary. Their wish was simple yet profound: to create a space that would shield them from the city’s rainy climate and reflect their unique style, all within a reasonable budget. Small duplex apartment in Brussels is a project designed by Ohra Studio. Photography by Zlata Rybchenko.

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Found Object by WILLIAM TOZER Associates

The project designed by WILLIAM TOZER Associates treats as a found object the industrial building within which it is sited. Existing building components are either presented as raw materials—brick, concrete, and steel—to announce their found object status, or curated with a white paint finish to relate to the modern insertions. Photography by WILLIAM TOZER.

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The Kensington Park project by Glasshouse Projects

The Kensington Park project designed by Glasshouse Projects is a distinctive, renovation and extension to a 1928 California Bungalow. With pure functionality as the core ethos of this home, a second-storey loft space delivers substantial space for this growing family, whilst blending comfortably with the original home and the historic character of the suburb. Photography by Art Department Styling, Aaron Citti.

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