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Constance Lake by Studio Ceron&Ceron

Constance Lake is a project designed by Studio Ceron&Ceron. Strict and sought composure, interrupted by decorative elements with geometric shapes and highlighted by a vibrant natural light. Shades contrary, the cognac in moka, refined atmosphere with furniture design of the 40 and 50 years.

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About memory of old house by HOZO interior design

About memory of old house is a project designed by HOZO interior design, covers an area of 116 square meters and is located in Taiwan, Hsinchu County, Zhubei City.

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White & Water by HOLA DESIGN

White & Water is a contemporary apartment designed by HOLA DESIGN and is located in the new sophisticated building in the heart of Warsaw.


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Bel Air by Studio Ceron&Ceron

Bel Air is a project designed by Studio Ceron&Ceron. Total White and minimalism for a perfect neutral base, sometimes broken by details of curves and eccentric lines, with touches of absolute black for a balanced game contrasts.

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Apartment in Cracow by Finchstudio

This minimal apartment is a project designed by Finchstudio in 2016, covers an area of 110m2 and is located on the bank of the River Vistula in Cracow. Furnishings in this apartament are kept to a bare minimum with grey as a dominant accent color.

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Walnut sky by HOLA DESIGN

Walnut sky is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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Exquisite flat in Paris by Diff Studio

Exquisite flat in Paris is a private apartment designed in 2017 by Diff Studio.

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Szczcin house by HOLA DESIGN

Szczcin house is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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Buddha House by Yunakov Design

Buddha House is a project designed by Yunakov Design. Interior of a small summer house for a very interesting, young and happy family that follows Buddhism, enjoys yoga and loves to travel a lot. The building is intended for leisure and entertaining.

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Scandinavian penthouse by HOLA DESIGN

Scandinavian penthouse is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN. A cosy and spacious penthouse on the trendy new housing estate in Warsaw. A large terrace finished with composite board.


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