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Canine & Feline Hotel by Raulino Architect

The Canine & Feline Hotel designed by Raulino Architect is located in Parada, Vila do Conde and the main program consists of temporary dog and cat accommodation, a hotel where the animals stay for a few days, during holidays or professional travel of their owners. The remaining program is a complement to the space’s activity, with a veterinary office, a grooming room, outdoor training areas and a swimming pool for pets. Photography by João Morgado


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Hotel Maritim by Dom Arquitectura

The Hotel Maritim designed by Dom Arquitectura is located on Roses beach promenade wanted to renovate the entire ground floor. Updating the common spaces, while still maintaining their same existing uses. The hotel’s ground floor is divided into three areas: the hall and reception, the bar, and the terrace.

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BLUR by BAD. Built by Associative Data

BLUR is an upcoming 5 star boutique hotel designed by BAD. Built by Associative Data located in one of the most prestigious neighborhoods of Beirut city, facing Mediterranean Sea. The driving forces behind the concept are the vistas and the strong relationship with the water. The façade treatment gives the impression of a wet feel to the building; a sort of Mirage or Blur.

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Petit Palace Hotel by Teresa Sapey

The Petit Palace Santa Barbara is located in an old palace in Alonso Martinez plaza, making it its own right in a surprising and captivating space in the heart of Madrid.
Given the characteristics of the building and its large courtyard, Teresa Sapey Studio projected a magical place to accompany the romantic spirit of the building.

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Nook Hotel in Hangzou by Mario Mazzer Architects

This hotel, located in Hangzou area, near the West Lake, just opened in 2016. Mario Mazzer Architects has developed the concept of Nook Hotel bedrooms and suites and designed all furnitures for bedrooms and lobby area.

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EME Catedral Hotel

In the heart of the historic landmark that is Sevilla, face to face with the Giralda and the biggest gothic cathedral in the world, there you find EME Catedral Hotel, a versatile, open and surprising designer Andalucian setting. The old and the new Sevilla at EME Catedral Hotel. A different look.

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Les Algues Chill and drinks by Dom Arquitectura

Les Algues Chill and drinks is a project designed by Dom Arquitectura, the aim of the project is to renovate and repurpose the first floor of Roses’ ‘Hotel Maritim’, in a ‘tapas’ and drinks bar.

Les Algues Chill and drinks by Dom Arquitectura 01

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Poseidonion Hotel project by Dennebos Flooring

The Poseidonion Hotel originally opened in 1974, still occupies a commanding position representing the unique culture and history of Greece and Greek mythology.
Sympathecally refurbished in 2011 to depict service elegance and style, the owners choose timber flooring from Dennebos throughout the hotel bedrooms and in the welness centre. The ethos of the design decision was to reflect an era of wealth, privilege, refined hospitality and comfort.

Poseidonion Hotel project by Dennebos Flooring 01

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Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio LP

Edgeland House is a project designed by Bercy Chen Studio LP located on a rehabilitated brownfield site and is a modern re‐interpretation of one of the oldest housing typologies in North America, the Native American Pit House. The Pit House, typically sunken, takes advantage of the earth’s mass to maintain thermal comfort throughout the year.

Edgeland House by Bercy Chen Studio LP 01

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Boutique hotel in Amsterdam by Jeroen de Nijs

A new hotel designed by Jeroen de Nijs has risen in the Amsterdam neighborhood ‘The Pipe’. At this very central location next to the Dutch Central Bank, we realized a 4 * boutique hotel in two stately buildings from the year 1906.

Boutique hotel, Amsterdam by Jeroen de Nijs 01

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