Daily Archives: April 5, 2024

River of Life – Curl Curl NSW by Sandbox Studio®

Aptly named after the meaning of the indigenous name of its location, River of Life sits nestled into the established coastline of Curl Curl (derived from the name Curial Curial – i.e. ‘river of life’) and celebrates both an open and connected modern liveability. Surrounded by traditional residential forms, the focus for Sandbox Studio® was to create a relaxed yet elevated sanctuary that was sensitive to the natural setting, while also having its own character. The reference to the double-gable silhouette pays homage to the existing context, reinterpreting the use of timber weatherboard panelling vertically instead of horizontally. The result emphasises the height and scale of the home, and together with a neutral and muted colour palette both internally and externally, an overall lightness elicits calm. Photography by Katherine Lu.

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