Barburger is a project designed by ALLARTSDESIGN in 2017, covers an area of 60m2 and is located in Lenina st. 88, Perm, Ural, Russia Federation.

The new burger “BarBurger” opened in Perm on the site of the former beer garden. Above reconstruction of the interior worked Saranin Artemy from the studio ALLARTSDESIGN. The concept of the “Barburger” format is based on the compilation of parties, cocktails, DJ sets and special burgers, which are prepared according to your taste. The main clients are young people aged 20-35years. Burger with a total area of ​​60m2 is located on the 1st floor of a non-residential building in the city of Perm, Russian Federation.
The premise itself has a very elongated shape, and limits, what or variations to the rescheduling. Also in the center of the hall there are 2 awkward columns. Plus the establishment is the location and large stained-glass windows. Visually, the space at the expense of large, does not constrain the room.
We managed to link the idea of ​​parties with burgers. We created a brutal interior, with bright accents. Such as metal walls, a chandelier-signboard, table-tops from a granary thick board, a yellow half-bar lunger. We got the chairs from the former institution – we repainted them in black and signed each. On each side there are TV, on which dynamic extreme video series are broadcast. At any time here it is crowded, and the main thing is tasty.
Photography by Saranin Artemy

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