CAMPPINUS PARK Innovative Resort by modelina

CAMPPINUS PARK Innovative Resort is a project designed by mode:lina. In a Polish seaside town of Jezierzany, by Wicko lake, there is a new microcosm surrounded by trees – an innovative place which came from a passion for local traditional architecture and a need for modernity. The Investor invitedmode:lina™ designers to make their ambitious interior architecture vision a reality. Photography by Studio Prototypownia.

CAMPPINUS PARK Innovative Resort houses create a quiet, tranquil space ideal for taking a rest, where Guests are ofered a respite from a multitude of stimuli of a large-city bustle.CAMPPINUS PARK celebrates the surrounding natural scenery and allows to live in the present moment guilt-free.

The resort combines tradition with modernity. It was created to show that by complementing each other, those two worlds exist in balance and harmony. Connections to traditional buildings are captured in a stable located close to the entrance, the shape of the houses or the Japanese Shou Sugi Ban wood burning technique. The modernity can be seen in carefully designed functional interiors and ever-present technological innovations.

The interior concept derives directly from the architecture’s character – inside of buildings with black facades, the designers placed smaller, distinctive black houses which contain a kitchen, a bathroom and wardrobes. This allowed for a visual division of houses into functional areas. A visible wooden construction, in a natural pine colour, forms a living room with a large glass facade; while surrounding the black house with grey concrete tiles which resemble typical hexagon pavers, help distinguish passageways and dining area.

New technologies are an important element as well – smart homes, a tablet for a guide or soon to be introduced virtual reality will all be a treat for tech maniacs, but they will also open up new possibilities for taking a rest, and therefore they will create new defnitions of holidays.
The inventors of Camppinus Park advocate individualism and uniqueness – smart homes adjust the surroundings to guest’s individual needs, which in fact makes the guest a creator of their own leisure.

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