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BRAMBLE is a project designed by NAKO Design. Typically, we draw inspiration from our client’s architectural design to ensure a complete connection of indoors and out, but with this custom home, it was quite the opposite. Our client was moving through a significant change in her life and wanted to leave BC to start a fresh chapter in Edmonton, one where she was closer to her children and grandchildren. The brief was simply “I’d like to show up with my suitcase and crystals”. Our task was to design a beautiful home right down to the décor and furnishings. So, our client became our muse. Photography by Tina Kulic.

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Sazerac by NAKO Design

Sazerac is a project designed by NAKO Design. Japandi meets Australian influence with this modern palette of black and white warmed with soft silver elm wood accents and texture. A sophisticated home with a continuity of texture and tone throughout. Photography by Sharon Litchfield.


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