The Roof Lifestyle Concept Studio by The Roof Studio

The Roof Lifestyle Concept Studio is a Office Interior Design designed by The Roof Studio (Ken Thong & Emma Yap) and is located in Malaysia.


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Presenting the studio of what an interior designers’ workspace looks and feels like – The Roof Studio amazes with its creative and awe-inspiring interior. Combining a variety of styles, a glamorous, industrial and loft concept is depicted within The Roof Studio, allowing clients to truly see the exceptional interior designs of this designer.
Within the lifestyle concept studio, each space is styled with intricacy. Every concept space has an eye-catching feature, such as the stunning wood panelled feature wall in the living room, a black and white canvas covering one wall in the office, to the monochromatic Moroccan tiles in the bathroom. Ambiences are enigmatic and exciting, yet elegantly subdued.
From space to space, floors and walls create the base upon which, dramatic designs are built on. Concrete floors are dressed with elaborate furnishings and plenty of industrial elements such as metal and brick, creating a chic yet classy feel, impressing visitors and clients
who visit the studio. Beautiful timber wood floors are seen in the main office workspace, where nuances tend to be lighter and more open, enhancing productivity in the studio. Showcasing The Roof Studios’ design work, this studio certainly captivates with its amazing interiors.
Photography by The Roof Studio

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