Aprtament Gdańsk by Ideograf

Aprtament Gdańsk is a project designed by Ideograf in 2016, covers an area of 80 m2 and is located in Gdańsk, Poland.


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The main idea of the design was to walk the recipient through the rich history of Gdańsk. We have selected a few most important elements which identify the city, and they were our inspiration to create classical interior, presenting the historical character and melting these features into a timeless whole.
We begin our story in Our Lady’s Church. The view of this greatest Gothic Temple will also bee seen from the widows of the planned project. In the past, one of the walls was adorned with the all-Gdańsk famous Hans Memling’s picture “The Final Judgement”. An element of that picture was our direct inspiration to choose the colour palette for the whole project.
Photography by Ideograf

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