Fisher Island Apartment by Diego Revollo

Fisher Island Apartment is a project designed by Diego Revollo. Secluded on the exclusive Fisher Island, where you can only get by the water, this apartment, overlooking Biscayne Bay and Downtown Skyline, is pure minimal chic relaxation and reminiscent of Brazilian art, a passion of the owner. Photography by Fran Parente

Formerly William K. Vanderbilt’s summer estate, Fisher Island is today a luxury condo doing justice to the former owner. To get to the island, international celebrity haven in the south of Miami Beach, is only possible by boat. Once there, privacy, security and convenience of a resort are guaranteed.

Located in a fifteen years old building, this 800m2 apartment, including balconies, is on the ground floor, which brings you closer to the atmosphere and the look of a house.

At the request of the residents, who wished for ample surroundings and in full harmony, it was totally transformed, in a record time of five months, including the final decoration.
The living room and home theater – both with 100m2 – became practically a single space, combining also the office, the dining room and the entrance hall.
With all the living areas integrated, practicality reigns, reinforced by contemporary furniture.

With white masonry and synthetic nanoglass flooring, the property was designed to fully appreciate natural lighting, to enjoy the privilege of receiving the morning and afternoon sun, and this brings beautiful nuances throughout the day.

Furniture and decoration items in neutral tones complete the minimal chic mood. The shades of gray, beige and black were brought to add warmth. The color appears in pieces like the citric “Balanço Cocar”, of Pax. Arq, which hangs from the ceiling between the office and the home theater, and in works of art in the living room.
It’s important to say that the major highlight in this project , is for the works of established artists such as, Andy Warhol, Damien Hirst, Fernando Botero,Adriana Varejão e Ascanio MMM, among others.

All furniture is from the Brazilian store“Artefacto” , that, with a wide range of options and a lot of versatility has delivered elegance and contemporaneity to the decoration.

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