Beijing DaHu Villa by Gao Zhiqiang

The project is a private residence of Beijing Dahu villa. The owner is an entrepreneur who has passion with life. The house bordered by a lake on both sides has a very good view. The owner who has his own unique and profound views on life aesthetics enjoys gardening in his spare time.

Therefore sunlight, air, water and plants are the four design elements which perfectly meet the owner’s needs of having an exquisite landscape indoors. There are floor-to-ceiling glass windows, unbounded gardens, wooden shelves and vines indoors. All these elements together form a peaceful and introverted daily emotion which gives the owner a sense of belonging.

Project information:
Project name: Beijing Dahu Villa
Design: AFFD
Leader designer: GAO Zhiqiang
Design team: CHEN Hao, CHEN Deli, PENG Xingyi, LI Ruirui
Project Area: 800㎡
Completion Year: 2019
Light Counselor: LI Bu
Photographer: SHI Yunfeng
Furniture Brand: Medea, Reflex, Lanvin
Lighting Brand: Baccarat, Flo
Project Planning: Lele Brand Strategy

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