Apartamento LR by Messa Penna Arquitetura

The fusion of elements is one of the highlights of this project. In the dining room, Olivia Messa and Luciana Penna, from Messa Penna Arquitetura, created a moodboard to highlight the beauty of natural wood. The huge windows, in addition to illuminating the entire environment, bring green into the apartment. To compose the decor of this space, they chose Bertolucci’s Cine pendant, signed by Camila Sarpi. Photography by JĂșlia Ribeiro.


Applied to the living room wall, the Fulget coating, which combines different granulated stones, brings a modern and sensory effect. The Montageart object and the paintings by artist Andrea Annunziata bring a touch of color and lightness to the space. The tea cart is well loved by the family, it belonged to the client grandmother, and was the key piece to complete the production and bring more history to the address.

To highlight the works of art in the living area of this living room, the architects made a composition of paintings in the “Gallery Wall” mood. The Phenicia Concept rug and the Micasa sofa ensured a neutral base, which reinforces the beauty and combination of art pieces.

To bring more elegance and style to the space of the couple’s bedroom, the upholstered headboards were used as a resource to improve thermal protection. The bedding of Bedrooms etc received pillows with fabrics and varied patterns, which fit well in both the cold and high temperature seasons, ideal combination with the chosen headboard.

The architects of Messa Penna Arquitetura believe that the choice of objects made all the difference when the projects were completed. The residents of this apartment already had a great collection even before the renovation, so the architects used most of the items to create a space full of affective decor.

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