Apartment in RC Presnya City by WOWDOM

Apartment in RC Presnya City is a project designed by WOWDOM and covers an area of 50m2. Photography by Mikhail Stepanov.


The owners of this apartment are a young family with a child. They live outside the city, and they needed an apartment for a short stay in Moscow. Therefore, the space was decided as a single, visually spacious and free space. The bedroom is combined with the living room, there is no dining room, and the hallway flows smoothly into the kitchen, which itself is part of the public area. The only isolated room is a bathroom with a shower and a laundry area. The floating partition-fireplace in the center of the apartment is the compositional and artistic dominant of the interior. It unites and at the same time zones the bedroom and living room. The double-sided glass firebox brings a feeling of warmth and comfort, allows you to admire the fire from both sides and does not block the panorama of the city.

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