Apartment in RC Neva Towers by WOWDOM

This 55m2 Apartment in RC Neva Towers is a project designed by WOWDOM. Photographer: Mikhail Stepanov.


“We have retained 50% of the layout from the developer, preserving almost completely the kitchen and living room area, completely redesigned the master area. It was the client’s idea. As a result, we allocated the space of the hallway, kitchen and living room, as well as a single bedroom area with a dressing room and a bathroom without walls.

The customer wanted to get an apartment in the style of a hotel room, and one of his desires was the absence of painted walls in the apartment – all the walls had to be with some kind of decoration. As a result, we used two collections of natural marble and porcelain stoneware, veneer and fabric panels. We were inspired by the concept of the Sofia Barcelona rooms, which we studied and redesigned.”

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