Dareels store by Susanna Cots

Dareels store is a project designed by Susanna Cots. The definition provided by neuroscience explains it perfectly: light influences and shapes the circadian rhythms that regulate our mind, our activities and our well-being. If we were not to see sunlight for a long time, the effects on our body would be devastating.


Beyond science, data and explanations: emotions.
The design concept of this project by Susanna Cots arises from purity and the elimination of everything superfluous, while seeking to reflect visitors’ immediate emotions, personalising their experience in real time through its well-known invisible design elements.
The desire to return to origins and recover what belongs to nature has allowed the designer to spin this story into a design that faithfully recreates the vital rhythms of everyday life in a way that is faithful to nature.

Photography courtesy of Susanna Cots

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