Daily Archives: November 29, 2022

The Geometric Villa by Minus Workshop

Minus Workshop’s sustainable mission in a weekend getaway hub. Minus Workshop has taken over a design project from an eco-responsible couple having a great concern for sustainability which is a sizzling topic worldwide and beyond. The apartment owner predominates as successful entrepreneurs in the city who aim to curate a multi-functional and eco-friendly private hub to encourage family bonding and also an event venue to aid the communities in Hong Kong. Entrusted the founder of Minus Workshop, Yiu, has to be extra mindful of what’s true and what entails in a space for relaxation, entertainment, physical event activity, and culinary pleasure, not only for the grown-ups but also for the next generation. Therefore, Yiu’s main force was to achieve sustainability with a new wave and timeless style in this experience-driven geometric villa. Photography by Steven Ko.


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