Two are better than one if two act as one by Ela Morgan

The apartment designed by Ela Morgan on Einstein street in Haifa has an area of 180 square meters, and is located in an apartment building. The apartment is located on the third floor, at the height of the streets’ treetops. It has not been renovated since the 1970s. In this apartment you will immediately notice the unique design fingerprint, the fact it is possible to dare, integrate different materials in the most special way you can imagine and create a house different than what you’ve seen so far, so you will not miss de designers’ signature. Photography by Shiran Carmel.


The interior designer – Ela Morgan live and work with her partner Haim Shitrit who is a wood and interior designer – artist carpenter.
After many years they lived in separate homes , in which they were forced to “patch-work” and renovate different parts of the house and not entirely , they decided to seek for a property that needs an overhaul so they will be able to bring their vision to reality , renovate every corner to the preciseness they imagined , even if it was along the renovation process as in this house , the design was brought to life throughout the renovation.

Interior design: Ela Morgan
Interior & wood design: Haim Shitrit
Area: 180 m²
Year: 2020
Photographer: Shiran Carmel

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