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Hegel Apartment by Arqmov Workshop

Hegel Apartment is a project designed by Arqmov Workshop, the refurbishment of the Hegel Street apartment in Polanco, Mexico City, started with the idea that interior design should faithfully reflect the user’s lifestyle. In this way, an elderly lady’s apartment was adapted to suit the requirements of its heir, a young, single graphic designer, the client of this project.

Hegel Apartment by Arqmov Workshop 01

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YUNO is a project designed by ARQMOV WORKSHOP. Re-densification of different parts of Mexico City has had a significant impact on the construction sector and related project planning. Beautification of streets, avenues, roads, the entire public areas, the addition of green areas, and the creation of more liveable urban areas have been instituted to provide enhanced public spaces to positively impact the health of the city’s residents. Photography by Rafael Gamo


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Casa SFA by Arqmov Workshop

The SFA house is a refurbishment project that is faithful to the client’s specific requirements. Arqmov Workshop initially suggested a brand new project, given the previous (quite unfortunate) refurbishment work on the property. Photography by Rafael Gamo

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