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Casa Pimenta Rosa by Stemmer Rodrigues

This is the “Casa Pimenta Rosa”by Stemmer Rodrigues, wich is a compact, practical, cozy house, all ground floor, that prioritized the social area integrated with the kitchen and the gourmet area with an exposed slab towards the main entrance like a “concrete ship about to sail” in Xangri-lá, in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Photography by Gabriel Konrath

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Apartment in porto alegre by Stemmer Rodrigues

The architectural and interior design project signed by Stemmer Rodrigues for two art collectors in Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil) was inspired on the acrylic painting Amelie, a work by artist Nelson Wilbert. Adding to the artistic atmosphere, the apartment is in a building from the 1980s and needed an update of its program to meet the couple’s new uses and a total rethinking of the finishes and furnishings. Photography by Lucas Franck/NMLSS


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