Ace Hotel London Shoreditch

Ace Hotel London brings 100 Shoreditch High Street into harmony with Shoreditch. Both a continuation of, and departure from, the Ace adventure heretofore, the Shoreditch building we inhabit creates a new kind of invitation for us. This project involves re-envisioning a contemporary space and reclaiming it for the community as a correspondent part of a greater whole.

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In doing so, we’ve incorporated a wide range of design influences — reflective of the cosmopolitan yet historic character of the surroundings — from the clean Modernism of the Bauhaus to UK punk, to the bold graphic style of the early 20th century Vorticist movement. Our approach for the exterior and interior design focuses on using traditional old-world craftsmanship in a contemporary expression. It’s an exercise in redemption, and as such, one of our most rewarding projects to date, re-establishing 100 Shoreditch High’s place as a vital, engaged participant in a neighborhood rife with complex heritage, good ideas and inimitable culture.
Location Shoreditch is a historic neighborhood as well as a dynamic hub for leading galleries, theaters and fashion, home of the Brick Lane market and a canvas for street artists from around the world. It’s a neighborhood with a storied history of culture and industry. Originally outside of London proper, it was a district where culture, arts and outsiders banned by the city fathers could find a home and thrive, where archaeologists recently discovered the foundations of The Theatre in which Shakespeare’s first plays were performed. It has long been a place for making things. During the Industrial Revolution it was a center for brickmaking, textile and furniture manufacture. Today’s Shoreditch contains echoes of its industrial and artisanal past in the form of cottage industries and studios where craftspersons specialize in niche and handmade goods.
Primarily though, it is known today as a place where ideas are made — as a catalyst for art, design, cuisine, culture and technology — a hub in the global community of innovators, dreamers and entrepreneurs.
Photo Credit: Andrew Meredith