Full of originality by HOLA DESIGN

Full of originality is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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Many investors only look for applicable and proven solutions, remaining in the dominating aesthetic trend. Others “swim upstream” seeking originality and it is for the latter investors an apartment project in Warsaw’s exclusive district of Wilanowo. Among unconventional solutions applied in the design process, which were applied in presented apartment the following should be mentioned: a television furniture wall piece placed against a wall composed of architectural cement slabs with concealed in it cabinets with fronts covered by veneered MDF board (Medium Density Fiberboard), a wood pallet bed and finally an impressive size mobile steel construction on which a chandelier was hung. This last named construction enables for chandelier to move from the dining to living area. All the above mentioned elements were designed and constructed to investor’s order in the project.
Drapes were also hung in a very characteristic manner in the living room and bedroom. A unique style of the interior is emphasized also by strong color accents repeated in several points of the apartment. The floor of living unit was finished with hardwood oak floor as well as floorgrès ceramic tiles. Mixed high gloss with matte oak varnish mixed high gloss was applied on the kitchen veneer. The bathrooms were designed so that each has individual characteristic – one is a typical men’s bathroom using dark colors and elements, the second bathroom is a woman’s bathroom in bright and light design. Most of carefully selected graphic art prints that decorate the entire apartment were created in a laminated glass technique.
Photography by Yassen Hristov

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