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Pomerania region house by HOLA DESIGN

Pomerania region house is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN. An old house’s in the Pomeranian Region after many years of habitation and usage waiting period for an expansion and renovation came to an end.


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Pinch of glamour by HOLA DESIGN

This luxurious, 150 square meters apartment was designed by HOLA DESIGN and is placed in the centre of Warsaw. It’s dedicated for a couple of businessmen who spend a few days in the week in Warsaw than are leaving for a weekend to their home outside the city. Leaving in Warsaw they wanted to have a place in which after a hard day of work they can relax and clear they mind.


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Penthouse for two by HOLA DESIGN

Penthouse for two is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN. Over 3 meters high, a 130 m2 total surface area penthouse located in Warsaw was exclusively finished in mind for two adults as well as their potential guests.

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New York dream by HOLA DESIGN

New York dream is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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Minimalist Muranow by HOLA DESIGN

Minimalist Muranow is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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Men’s haven by HOLA DESIGN

Men’s haven is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN. The premise of the project was to create a modern interior design that is not cold, of distinct male character, but at the same time comfortable and cosy All elements of the interior combined to give an elegant and coherent whole.


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Lomianki house by HOLA DESIGN

Lomianki house is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN.


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Loft style apartment by HOLA DESIGN

“Unyielding” loft-style apartment created by HOLA DESIGN through connecting two separate living quarters. The opened living area surrounds one of the bathrooms, the walls of which were intentionally in a seemingly careless manner built out of raw, not plastered brick painted white.


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Light, bright & positive by HOLA DESIGN

Light, bright and positive is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN, these words most likely should be used to describe this interior. Designed in a truly Scandinavian style using timeless, quite toned down color base of various shades of white, delicate greys and varnished in several similar color tones oak.


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Hill park apartment by HOLA DESIGN

Hill park apartment is a project designe by HOLA DESIGN and is located in Warsaw.


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