Pinch of glamour by HOLA DESIGN

This luxurious, 150 square meters apartment was designed by HOLA DESIGN and is placed in the centre of Warsaw. It’s dedicated for a couple of businessmen who spend a few days in the week in Warsaw than are leaving for a weekend to their home outside the city. Leaving in Warsaw they wanted to have a place in which after a hard day of work they can relax and clear they mind.


pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-02 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-03

pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-04 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-05 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-06 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-07 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-08 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-09 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-10 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-11 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-12 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-13 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-14 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-15 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-16 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-17 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-18 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-19 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-20 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-21 pinch-of-glamour-by-hola-design-22

The apartment has main leaving room with dining area and open kitchen, 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms and one with sauna near the Master bedroom, 3 walk in closets. The interior is luxurious and splendour. There were used only high quality materials. On the floor you can find dark oak and sandstone. Walls were covered with flax textile, mat glass with steel glamour décor. Cosiness and enchantment was obtained by adding crystal lamps, lots of curtains and old pictures of Warsaw. All elements like tables, cabinets, chest of drawers, kitchen furniture, etc were design by Hola Design and were custom made.
Photography by Yassen Hristov

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