Men’s haven by HOLA DESIGN

Men’s haven is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN. The premise of the project was to create a modern interior design that is not cold, of distinct male character, but at the same time comfortable and cosy All elements of the interior combined to give an elegant and coherent whole.


mens-haven-by-hola-design-02 mens-haven-by-hola-design-03

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The central theme of the interior decor became natural materials and earthy colours – grey and brown as well as bits and pieces in black. A distinct accent was using oak of two contrasting shades. To emphasize the character of the wood, the built-in furniture was made of brushed smoked oak, whereas bleached oak was used for the floor. A focal point of the apartment became an open living area with three main functions. This is a well-thought-of solution combining an elegant living room, a modern dining room and an unusual kitchen. Bits and pieces have become significant: an original kitchen island propping its weight on a wooden beam as well as bossage on built-in furniture concealing cupboards and kitchen appliances. It has also become important to accomplish a balance between individual elements of the interior. Every little detail has been carefully prepared, even the sofa is designed at individual order. Wall claddings form a coherent transition between the private spaces and living area. The modern bathroom looks particularly impressive. This room is dominated by bright colours that is complemented by black and wood. It is worth noticing the free-standing sinks that conceal the drawers. The bedroom is a large, comfortable bed against a soft upholstered wall. This room is also not lacking in unusual solutions. Beside cabinets also constitute an exit to the terrace, the spacious cupboard is practically invisible because veneered panels conceal the front of the built-in cupboard, and in order to enhance the whole effect a handle-free a handle-free system was applied. The interior of the study is a comfortable place to work, which consistently fits in style to the character of the designed space.
Photography by Yassen Hristov

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