Neve Monson House 2 by Daniel Arev Architecture

Neve Monson House 2 is a Single family project designed by Daniel Arev Architecture. According to the request of the clients, the house was planned with “Provence” characteristics. Since the time and age of these characteristics has long passed by, a few traditional details were adopted in the design but were given a modern twist. The main characters were the roof design and the simple geometry of the façades.

The house was built on a 450 sqm rectangular plot, with one of it’s long facades facing the street, and the other facing the rear, and private, back garden. The ground floor layout, which includes the parent’s bedroom and the main living area, has been opened up to the back garden, and kept relatively enclosed to the street. The dividing wall between the living area and the parent’s bedroom, is comprised of a wooden bookcase with a “hidden” door, allowing total privacy.
The upper floor’s layout includes two main sections of the children’s bedrooms, that are joined together by an open double space gallery, containing a family room. This arrangement of the space provides open views from the ground floor onto the open gallery above and vice versa, thus allowing a cosy atmosphere, with a strong presence of the wooden ceiling.
The building materials pallet was kept a simple one, made out mainly of stone, wood, steel and plaster at their basic raw appearance. The compact garden surrounding the house, is a Mediterranean garden with local citrus trees and herbs.
Photography by Daniel Arev

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