Casa LU by ZDA Zupelli Design Architecture studio

Casa LU is a project designed in 2017 by ZDA Zupelli Design Architecture studio, covers an area of 140 sqm and is located in Brescia, Italy.

The project involves the renovation of a square apartment of 140 sqm located on the top floor of an ancient farmhouse near Brescia. The entire project is inspired by the typical sloping shape of the building, through the enhancement of existing structures and contemporary reinterpretation of the characteristic rural aspect.
A decisive factor for the subdivision of the internal environment is the windowed original surface, distributed on four sides. It has led us to organize all interior spaces around a central core (where is the master bathroom), leaving almost the entire perimeter in favor of a 360 degree view of the surrounding landscape. The result is a large “open space”, adaptable to different living needs, in which each factor contributes to a vision of flexible and customizable space.
At the center of the environment, the master bathroom partially divides the living area from the sleeping areas and leave free the side passages. Since this filter space, outlining the more or less rigid boundary between the two areas of the house. Here packet doors divide or unite the rooms and change the very perception of space.
To the west- side there is the living area (with direct access from the stairwell and private elevator), composed of comfortable sofas and a large dining area with open plan kitchen, a guest toilet and a small storage room. In parallel, in the east-side, there is the sleeping area with double access to the master bathroom, with shower overlooking the bedroom and a walk-in closet, lined with cabinets made to measure, which if necessary can also be used as a guest room thanks to pull-out bed.
From both areas of the house the view opens onto a porch enclosed by large windows. It contains an additional dining area and serves as the entrance to the laundry.
Every aspect of the interior design works to overall view as neutral as possible. Bleached beams, cabinets designed to measure and fitted satin doors blend with the white walls and create a background suitable for flexible interiors. Even the floor in dark oak, in sharp contrast with the white casing, runs without distinction within each room and creates a material continuity that is well suited to accommodate the different structures of the house.
In conclusion, the project is an example of architecture designed for a single developer whose variable requirements are reflected in the internal composition of the living space.
Partner: Ambienti emozionali, Casabath, Flos, Flou, Gazzotti, Gruppo Nulli, Pedrali, Simas

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