Loft Bordeaux by Teresa Sapey

Situated in a former garage, this loft designed by Teresa Sapey was fully refurbished and divided into two main areas: a public one and private living space. With more than 500 square meters the most complicate issue was to give light to an old and dark space like this.

When we faced the project of transforming a garage, a dreary and cold space into a living space of over 500 square meters, we concluded that the most important task was to bring natural light into every inch of the house. To achieve this, we opened zenith windows, but we also thought that the best solution was to create a courtyard from where the rooms could distribute around. As it was a completely blind space,
we needed to create a “window to the world” to enlighten and finish with the claustrophobia feeling that this space could give at first. The courtyard and its secret garden have large windows which provide warm and natural air.
The public space comprises the living and dining room, the kitchen, the cellar and the guest room. A space with a snooker table on the upper floor overlooks the lounge. The owners’ private space contains the big space area, where the bathroom, the indoor swimming pool and the gym are connected to the bedroom through a dressing room.
The idea from the beginning was to create a white container that combined noble materials such as wood, glass or metal beams. From here, there were chosen functional furniture that will highlight the pieces of art that are distributed around the loft.
The indoor glazed pool has a steel window simulating a conventional chimney. The spacious loft lounge, with billiards room located in a high space or attic, under which stood the dining. The old structure of metal roofing and cladding has been painted in black to highlight their presence and provide a visual counterpoint to the white walls.
Both the dresser and the bathroom were planned, distributed and decorated by Teresa Sapey’s Studio.
On the bathroom it was used the sculptural furniture collection of Corian, in support of the sinks. Being a floating volume, the first one has a hydraulic system to carry water upwards. The other one simulates a chaise longue and has two sinks and articulated mirrors. They are illuminated by fluorescent alcoves and dirigibles spotlights in the ceiling.
On the kitchen furniture was written in French with vinyl lettering ‘I don’t like cooking’, a joke to the Loft’s owner. Round coated metal cavities of different sizes were made on the walls to place the bottles. They were designed by Teresa Sapey.

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