Apartment in Oceana by YØDEZEEN Architects

Apartment in Oceana is a project designed by YØDEZEEN Architects. The apartment is designed so that the sun and light were in abundance here. At the same time, here you can seclude yourself from the world and stay with the house and family alone.

This apartment is located in the Oceana Bal Harbour condominium in one of the most high-end buildings in the northern part of Miami Beach. This elite residential complex in the resort area of Bal Harbour occupies a spacious plot near the ocean with an area of 2 acres, which formerly housed the Bal Harbour Club – a famous private beach club. Oceana Bal Harbour is covered in greenery, but two massive sculptures of ‘Ballerina’ and ‘Pluto and Proserpine’ by the artist Jeff Koons became a truly stylish decoration of the territory. However, this is not the only well-known names that had a hand in the design of the condominium. Landscape design of the territory was planed by the Italian Enzo Enea. The hall and houses with climate control were designed by the famous architect Piero Lissoni.
All the apartments have 10-foot ceilings with full-length windows and sliding glass door panels, allowing you to constantly admire the ocean and the bay in a 28-story building. Each apartment in the condominium assumes privacy: access to the apartments lies through a private elevator with a spacious hall.
The interior of these apartments was created by the “YoDezeen” architectural studio, which was also responsible for furnishing. Designers ordered almost all the furnishings in Italy. This applies to both basic models and individual developments.
Because this apartment is only intended for recreation there is no traditional cabinet, but range of premises is typical – a spacious living room, three bedrooms and three bathrooms.
The interior was decorated in neutral light colors: it does not suppress bright colors, but it is designed to focus on sunlight and seascapes outside the window. ‘The ocean, the garden … everything is full of natural color, an abundance of air,’ says the Project’s Chief Designer, Arthur Sharf, ‘so that the interior becomes a sort of background’.
That was the reason for picking up light grey tones and a splash of orange in the decoration of the living room. Designers say that, on the one hand, they wanted to support the colors present in the landscape outside the windows, create the illusion of unity with nature, and on the other hand, they wanted to make the most comfortable, functional interior of a high class. The idea of unity and ‘transparency’ is supported by glass and light. Thanks to three-meter panoramic windows and sliding glass door panels, the first rays of sunlight penetrate the apartment in the early morning, and disappear in the late evening.
All rooms of the apartment have a special and memorable character. Bright and expressive details of finishing help to show it. However, the spectacular features of each of the rooms do not interrupt each other, but, on the contrary, they work to create an integral ensemble. The master bedroom is made without any constructive complications. A large mirrored closet that occupies the whole wall in front of the window creates a reflective wall in the living room, the illusion of space expansion. The main decorating method is a use of veneered panels with vertical grooves. Finishing with such panels emphasizes vertical movement and, thus, visually increases the height of the room.
The subject of special pride of the interior authors’ is carefully planned and selected lighting of warm tones, which perfectly emphasizes the dominance of natural materials: marble, wood and metal.
Photography by SupremeScene

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