Magnolia House by William Dewson

A century old home by early twentieth century architect Hamilton Townsend in Toronto’s characteristic Rosedale neighbourhood. In 2016, it was revived by architect William Dewson, who has done comparable work to Townsend’s Rosedale homes for over a decade.

With the Magnolia House, Dewson strikes a thoughtful balance between a number of dichotomies that he confronts. Principal among them is the balance between the classical character of the original Townsend house and the unique character of a client with decidedly contemporary tastes. This expresses itself in opposite, but not contradictory characteristics of the space, which meet in balance: elegance and warmth, line and curve, rich textures and clean slates, dark and light. Dewson has achieved a sense of balance in the Magnolia House that spans time, space, and detail.
Photography by Arnaud Marthouret

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