T House by Creative Architects (CTA)

T House was designed by Creative Architects (CTA) for a three genegration family with six members, consists of husband and wife owner, their 2 children, the wife’s mother and sister.

The house was built in a quadrangle shape plot in Binh Duong, Vietnam, with the front elevation faced to the West. Its façade was devided into 7 solid walls connected by glasses and louvers to admit the natural lightand ventilation into the house as much as possible.
Additionally, the owner had shared that she has been afraid of being alone, she would like everyone in the family could easily see each other when staying at home. Hence, we alternated the private spaces and the common spaces by putting two green voids into 2 solid blocks, in order to connect every space in the house to increase the family’s interaction.
Location: Di An, Binh Duong, Vietnam
Project year: 2017
Photos: Hiroyuki Oki
Land area: 220m2
Ground floor area: 110 m2
Floor area: 160 m2

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