The project by designed by AD ARCHITECTURE is an apartment located in Shantou, Guangdong Province, China, designed for a pilot–stewardess couple. Most of the time, there are only two places that they seem to be associated with: airport and home. They have to work under great pressure and stay quite concentrated during the flight, and it is often late at night when they come back home. Considering these factors, AD ARCHITECTURE, the design studio, aimed to create a tailor-made residence for the couple where they can slow down the pace of life. Photography by Ouyang Yun

The apartment is on the top of a building, with the interior space featuring many slanting and unique structures. Through making full use of natural light as well as adopting an austere material palette, AD ARCHITECTURE turned the original space into a minimalist and refreshing home. The design team focused on dealing with the relations between human and air, wind and sunlight, rather than decoration and furnishing of the space.
The overall space is composed of two floors, with 1F serving for living and 2F for leisure. On 1F, an independent dressing room and a luggage case cabinet were designed catering to the needs of the owners. And the 2nd floor slab above the living room was removed, in order to ensure enough daylight and ventilation in the space. Apart from leisure areas, there is a resting room on 2F, which can be used when one of the owner gets home late at night, without disturbing the other person.
The living room and the dining space are connected in an open area, which facilitates the interaction of the family. The staircase leading to the second floor looks like an art installation, with great visual appeal. Soft beige leather sofa, and wood veneers, together create a warm tone in the space.
A limited material palette of gray tiles, white paint and light-colored wood helped to achieve a minimalist and austere aesthetic in the overall space.
Life is charming. AD ARCHITECTURE hopes people living in the apartment take time to enjoy life.

Chief designer: Xie Peihe
Construction team: AD ARCHITECTURE
Project location: Shantou City, China
Project area: 230 m2
Main materials: matte tiles, white latex paint, white matte paint, wood veneers, wooden floorboards
Design time: January 2018
Completion time: December 2018

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