House in Rathgar by Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architects

This Victorian semi-detached house designed by Arigho Larmour Wheeler Architects is one of many Protected Structures in Dublin that was subdivided into flats during the last century. Here, the upper two storeys comprised 8 self-contained apartments with the lower ground-floor occupied as a single garden-flat. Photography by Ste Murray.

The client’s brief was to convert the upper floors into a single-family residence, carefully removing all recent interventions relating to the subdivision of the property and bringing all rooms back to their original form. The works include a full refurbishment of the mechanical and electrical installations as well as repair of original windows, cornicing and internal joinery. Arigho Larmour Wheeler have designed a bespoke kitchen for the new dwelling in the rear reception room, a space which once more connects to the front drawing room allowing a dual aspect living space to be enjoyed.

The lower ground floor is retained as a separate unit with minor repair works. The house originally had a staircase from the upper ground floor leading directly to the garden which extends 50m to the rear laneway. Planning Permission was obtained to reinstate this access with a contemporary steel and concrete stair, re-connecting the newly refurbished main living spaces at first level with the beautiful gardens.

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