S Apartment by Maya Sheinberger Interior design

S Apartment is a project designed by Maya Sheinberger Interior design. Renovation of an 80 sqm apartment in Hod Hasharon’s old neighborhood. The owner is a woman in her late seventies who bought the apartment after her family moved to the city‏. Photography by Itay Benit

It was important for the owner to have an efficient home with lots of storage space and still get a warm, modern, up-to-date look.
Smoked oak, warm grayscale, brass, powder pink and rich textiles – a palette of delicate and soft materials, but with plenty of presence. The apartment was paved with delicate terrazzo tiles in a light gray tone‏.
The entrance to the apartment faces the dining area which is at the center of the space. A Glass table with a central brass monument, combined with velvet chairs in khaki shade were selected to the dining area. Transparent glass lighting fixtures with brass tubes were hung above the dining table. A black steel library with brass and glass partitions was installed on the back wall‏.
To the left is the living room. Instead of the corridor wall separating the public and private space, a smoked oak cabinet with many functions was designed. The cabinet contains an AC unit, a TV and a storage unit. The choice to give up the wall in favor of the closet allows for eye contact between all parts of the apartment and helps to stretch the boundaries of the space, enabling maximum usage, despite the triangular shape of the apartment‏.
The furniture was selected in appropriate proportions to the space, which allows for a spacious feeling while inserting a variety of different textiles, a light gray sofa with a delicate texture combined with a chocolate brown armchair, a mocha-colored coffee table with brass legs. A cream-colored wool rug defines the living space. The curtains that frame the windows are made of fine stone-colored mesh fabric.
The L-shaped kitchen with a peninsula, is located between the living room and the dining area at the back of the apartment. The kitchen was carefully designed with lots of storage and work surfaces despite the small space. The cabinets are also smoky oak veneers. The countertop and wall backsplashes are cream and gray marble-like porcelain.
The decision to make the entire kitchen with the same material helps maintain the continuity of the materials throughout the apartment.
Entry to the private area is on both sides of the TV cabinet. To the right is the master bedroom. A monochromatic stone and gray bedroom and pink accents with a soft, inviting vibe. A dark-gray upholstered bed, stone-colored wardrobe, smoked oak veneer nightstands and lots of textiles is gray and blush pink. A natural fabric Roman curtain defines the windows and contributes to the privacy of the bedroom.
The master bathroom walls were covered with a fine texture of “unfinished” plaster tiles. An oak hanging cabinet with a striped facade that creates extra depth. Slate-like porcelain surface with built-in sink and designed wall faucet.
To the left is the guest room, which serves as an additional room and also as a study. Furnished with Scandinavian oak desk and wooden chair with a tan-colored leather seat, pull-out brown sofa and a Moroccan Berber rug in cream and brown.
Next to it is the extra shower used as a guest bathroom, also in the same design as the master bathroom.
Continuity in colors and materials in space makes the whole feel complete.
Photography courtesy of

Clients: A Lady in her late 70’s.
Structure: Apartment
Length of planning: 3 months
Duration of build: 6 months
Space: 80 sq.m.
Balcony: 16 sq.m

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