Apartamento Japão by Terra Capobianco

140m² apartment, remodeled by Terra Capobianco, is marked by the delicacy of Japanese architecture. Located in the Fidalga building, in São Paulo, the Apartamento Japão (Japan Apartment), signed by Terra Capobianco, is inspired by Japanese architecture and has as its essence the elements of nature. Renovated for the designer Silvia Furmanovich, who actively participated in the choice of details, the project is based on the resident’s appreciation for the rituals of well-being and her strong intimacy with the culture, built over several trips to Japan. Photography by Evelyn Müller.


Having as a premise the Japanese design, recognized as one of the best versions of minimalism, simple beauty, love for natural materials, and details, harmonious and tranquil environments were created. To avoid clichés, the spatial qualities of the apartment were enhanced by exalting the minimalist aesthetic and functionality and the numerous attributes that the style brings to architecture.

From a functional, clean and extremely detailed floor plan, contemporary, uncomplicated furniture with clean lines was selected. The lighting and textures offer visual comfort, coziness and a sense of well-being and harmony.

Characteristic of Japanese architecture, the materials in evidence were natural, with wood veneer in light colors, and straw and linen covering for the cabinetry. The walls and ceilings throughout the apartment were textured with linen-colored limestone powder.

A second plan of wooden frames with translucent acrylic was created to give visual unity, replacing the use of curtains and reproducing the opaque paper effect of the characteristic Japanese panels. The combination of these materials ends up in a neutral natural color palette, bringing a sense of tranquility to those who inhabit the space.

The remodeling program includes an entrance hall, with shoe closet, that leads to the social area of the apartment, consisting of the living room with kitchen, dining table, and balcony with an internal garden configuration. To enable the installation of a ducted air-conditioning unit, a low wooden ceiling was installed that delimits the kitchen and dining areas.

In the main room, the layout distribution is made symmetrically from the axis where the dining table is positioned. The access to the bathroom and bedroom, in opposite positions, receive the same treatment with wood panels and tensioned screen lighting, which produces a luminous ceiling effect like the Japanese rice cloth lanterns.

Previously composed of two suites, the new configuration excludes one suite to make room for a large bedroom with a generous closet, bathroom with sauna and hot tub.

The project’s differential is the use of abundant natural lighting filtered by a translucent panel, in addition to natural and neutral finishes, with cabinetry tailored to each item that belongs to the owner. The result is organized environments that promote a sense of well-being and harmony.

The landscaping, signed by Renata Tilli, has great importance in the project, involving the entire balcony and composing the ambiance with bonsai, benches, stone floor, fountain with running water, natural fiber curtains and bamboo. The contemplative environment, configured by a low table for the tea ceremony, reveres the view of the sunset.

Project name: Apartamento Japão
Authors: Terra Capobianco
Responsible Architect: Ana Terra Capobianco
Landscaping: Renata Tilli
Location: São Paulo, SP
Type: Residential
Year: 2021
Area: 140m2
Builder: MAXIMO.ae
Photos: Evelyn Müller

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