Tiny Holiday Home by i29 architects

Câpsula proposes a growing collection of beautifully composed tiny houses boasting unique design features, supporting flexible use and celebrating perfect finishing. There are three models to choose from: Soft Lodge, Writer’s Block Hut, and Tiny Holiday Home. The Dutch tiny house label was initiated by i29, an architecture and interior design studio known for its highly detailed approach and signature use of minimal gestures with maximum effect.


A marvellous tiny home that can easily host a family of four, Tiny Holiday Home includes a living room, a kitchen/dining area, a patio, no less than three bedrooms, a bathroom and a toilet. With a footprint of barely 55 sqm, it still has a luxurious feel of space, offering all-around vistas of the surrounding nature. The layout is developed from the inside out; a smart arrangement of functions makes optimal use of every square centimetre. Each volume contains its own program and has a distinctive feel in size and ceiling height. All volumes feature either big-sized windows or sliding doors along the patio that literally open up the home to the outside. High-end finishing includes sustainable waxed wood pine slats (facade) and custom joinery (interior). The value of good design becomes tangible when a succession of highly detailed, space-efficient solutions elevate the complete living experience on a daily basis.

Câpsula is a new design label by i29 architects
Strategy and copy by Alexandra Onderwater
Art direction and design by Studioand.nl

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