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Liminal House by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses

Liminal House is a project designed by McLeod Bovell Modern Houses. The clients came to us at a pivotal stage in their lives as soon-to-be empty nesters. The evolving needs of a family became the impetus for how we imagined a house that could embody the state of transition at a conceptual and experiential level. We chose the word liminal to encapsulate ideas that have informed the design process: namely the feeling of inhabiting a transitory place; orchestrating movement through space; and dwelling in the moments between from and to… Photography by Hufton + Crow.


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Scenic View by Dick Clark + Associates

Scenic View is a project designed by Dick Clark + Associates. Playing on combinations of solid volumes complemented by transparent voids, the Scenic View home uses a very simple material palette of brick, wood, and steel to stand apart from the landscape without drawing attention to itself. The black brick sets the house into the landscape as an element connected to the earth, allowing it to retreat as an object amidst its more ostentatious neighbors. The black brick is a rich color that contains glimmers of copper brown and red animated by the sun giving it a three-dimensional texture. Inside, the house is bright by contrast and no window treatments in common spaces allow views to the outside at all times as a way to connect both to nature and to the neighborhood. The uncomplicated materials affirm the simple volumes and clearly delineate a clear contrast between the solid mass and the uninterrupted sight lines from the street through the house to landscape and views beyond. Photography by Jake Holt.

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Outremont 3 by Sophie P-Lefebrve

Outremont 3 is a project designed by Sophie P-Lefebrve. Located in the Outremont district of Montreal, the residence dating from 1920 is full of charm and personality. Photography by Phil Bernard Photographe.

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House in Kanoya by Sakai Architects

House in Kanoya is a project designed by Sakai Architects. This is a house for a family of three, a couple and their kindergarten-age child, located about five minutes south by car from Kanoya’s city center on the Osumi Peninsula in Kagoshima Prefecture. The site is adjacent to the client’s parents’ house, and the project was to rebuild the house her grandparents used to live. Across the front street is a three-story school building of a prefectural technical high school. The setting required us to provide privacy for the residents. The clients requested the following: (1) to keep as much as possible of the garden that her grandfather had cherished, (2) to ensure privacy so the family could live without curtains, and (3) to create a space that allowed them to circulate around and modify as the child grows up. Photography by blitz studio.

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The Jewelry Box by Tzvia Kazayoff Design

The Jewelry Box is a project designed by Tzvia Kazayoff Design. Nestled in the heart of Ganei Tikva, a quiet and unassuming neighborhood, “The Jewelry Box” stands as a testament to the transformative power of determination and creativity. In 2023, this apartment, named after its owner’s passion for jewelry, became a beautiful haven in an otherwise humble location. Photography by Elad Gonen.

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House in Toguchi by Sakai Architects

House in Toguchi is a project designed by Sakai Architects. Designed for an emergency medicine physician and beautician couple with three children and a dog, the house with a small hair salon is located in a lush area overlooking the Pacific Ocean in the northern part of Amami Oshima Island. Although the part of the tropical island is not conveniently located, with only some vacation homes and guesthouses around, the couple chose the location for two reasons: One is to raise their children in nature; the other is to offer the client, who is engaged in the demanding job of an ER doctor, a refreshing moment to leave the hustle and bustle of the city and return to a nature-rich environment. The site, spanning over 1,000 m2, gradually slopes down seven meters from the mountain to the sea, and the house is laid out to minimize its interference with the landscape. Photography by blitz studio.

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Lubbock Lines by Dick Clark + Associates

Lubbock Lines is a project designed by Dick Clark + Associates. Nestled in the heart of Lubbock, Texas, Lubbock Lines stands as a striking testament to contemporary architecture and family living. This unique one-story home extends across two lots, its long and low rooflines creating elegant lines of extension, beautifully accented by stone and glass walls adorned with dark steel details. Designed to accommodate the needs of an active family with two teen boys, Lubbock Lines effortlessly balances form and function. Photography by Jake Holt.

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Mountain Top Residence by Dick Clark + Associates

Mountain Top Residence designed by Dick Clark + Associates is a visionary residential design project sited at the peak of a street in the exclusive Balcones neighborhood. This stunning residence exhibits a unique blend of modern aesthetics, comfort, drama, and subtlety while embracing the natural beauty that surrounds it. The house, carefully curated down to the smallest detail, showcases seamless integration of contemporary design with the timeless appeal of mid-century inspiration. Photography by Dror Baldinger AIA.

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Minimalist apartment by AS Arquitetas SP office

The AS Arquitetas SP office, composed of Luciana Gomes, Julia Brepohl, and Manuela Moreira, is responsible for the renovation of the 170m² apartment in Itaim Bibi, São Paulo (Brazil), with the challenge of creating a minimalist environment that reflects the personality of the new residents: a young couple who love to host friends and enjoy moments together with their pets, a pair of Golden Retrievers. Located on the second floor, the treetops seem to invade the apartment’s terrace, so the entire layout was designed to direct the view towards the greenery, creating a connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. Photography by Evelyn Muller.

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Sunshine Canyon Residence by Hacker

Sunshine Canyon Residence is a project designed by Hacker. Located at 7,300 feet, high above the city of Boulder, Colorado, the Sunshine Canyon Residence accentuates its dramatic site by juxtaposing a simple form with the steep contours of a landscape scarred by wildfire. The house floats above the harsh terrain to provide spectacular views of Sunshine Canyon to the south, Sugarloaf Mountain to the west, and the Flatirons to the east. Photography by Jeremy Bittermann.

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