Daily Archives: October 8, 2011

Residential Church XL by Zecc Architects.

Utrecht-based studio Zecc Architects has converted a catholic church built in 1870 into a spacious house. Located in Utrecht in The Netherlands, the 5,112 square foot church features an open contemporary interior design. The atmosphere, created by  furniture and styling, is the work of Thomas Haukes from (springers)wonen. The result complements the strong design of the architect, creating a, extremely fine living space with original design.  The design perfectly takes into consideration the original style, all in the right proportions. The original nave (14 meters high) is impressive, but the balanced design of the inner space ensures that a human dimension is not ignored. The clear plainness that the Saint Jakobus knew at the time of architect Gerard Gerritsen still gives today the power to this monumental building.

Residential church XL by Zeec Architecten 02