BK apartment by HOLA DESIGN

BK apartment is a project designed by HOLA DESIGN covers an area of 200 m2 and is located in Warsaw.


bk-apartment-by-hola-design-02 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-03

bk-apartment-by-hola-design-04 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-05 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-06 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-07 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-08 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-09 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-10 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-11 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-12 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-13 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-14 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-15 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-16 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-17 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-18 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-19 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-20 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-21 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-22 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-23 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-24 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-25 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-26 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-27 bk-apartment-by-hola-design-28The investors expected top quality natural materials which are at the same time not too popular for the interior arrangements. Thus the stone and wood have appeared as the facing applied, however not in the form of marble or travertine and dark weed instead of the exotic wood which is so popular nowadays. In the effect the apartment has been achieved where every wall has been designed thoroughly and finished with the exclusive materials. In the corridor on one side there are upholstered panels with copper elements. On the other side of the corridor there are laminated glass panels decorated with 3D graphics. The full-height door of the corridor finished in black varnish and provided with the night time LED lighting. In the entrance hall there is provided three metres high mirror frame made of copper. The hall walls have been covered with the bent varnished panels where the bent doors are also hidden. The floors are made of the natural basalt and stained oak. The kitchen is separated from the dining room by an isolated island-shaped low wall completely made of stone (including the drawers front side). The main wall in the living room is covered with large size concrete slabs. Bio-fireplace situated in the recess finished with stone has been surrounded with the upholstered panels. The bathrooms have been finished also with the application of the exclusive elements combining various stone kinds (limestone and basalt) and wood with the glass elements. Only two rooms intended for the children have been finished otherwise with the emphasis on the individual character of these spaces to reflect the children’s tastes.
Photography by Dariusz Majgier, Michal Skorupski

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