Interior design by Alexander Neagara

A major point of this space is aesthetics, mood. Goal to create space not filled with objects, but filled with sense. To clean from an interior all superfluous, to leave a place for air and light. Aesthetic contemplation is the most important aspect. Functional filling – hidden. Defiant inspiration atmosphere prepossessing to the idea not stopping a search. It is an important factor for a creative person and there is not a place for the fashionable trends or spoiled. Project by Alexander Neagara.


interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-02 interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-03

interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-04 interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-05 interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-06 interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-07 interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-08 interior-design-by-alexander-neagara-09

Photography by Alexander Neagara

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