No55 by Extravagauza

No55 is Extravagauza Studio’s answer to a limited living space in Britain. This project’s aim is to demonstrate that small can be both functional and beautiful. It also meets the expectations of modern couples who increasingly work from home.

In this typical UK city apartment, we found plenty of space to accommodate a bedroom with en suite bathroom, a fully functional office space, a living room with an open kitchen and a dining space, plus of course plenty of cleverly concealed storage. Dedicated space for work, consumption, relaxation, and regeneration has been created. Working in the office is not mixed with living room relaxation, kitchen/dining consumption or bedroom regeneration. There are clear functions and areas with undisturbed flow throughout the day and night. Thanks to a calm and sophisticated colour palette and top quality materials employed throughout, such as brass, copper and marble, effortless space with timeless and elegant style has emerged; space which is a balm for the soul of its residents. We created a sense of sanctuary amid the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The absence of anything superfluous or overwhelming leaves plenty of space for the appreciation of well-designed and quality made objects. Objects that make daily life a pleasure.
Photography by Extravagauza

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