Ganz Residence by Color Theory Boston

Ganz Residence is a project designed by Color Theory Boston. The home is over 120 years old, and just slightly over 7,000 Sq Ft. The homeowners are Charles and Raeleen Yoon. Photography by Michael J. Lee.

“When Charlie and Rae saw their new home for the 1st time, they knew it had to be completely gutted. Kendra and I were their designers when they lived in Boston, and after striking out with the local designers in Westchester County, they asked if we’d consider the the commute. In which our answer was a huge YES! By the time we saw the home for the 1st time, the interior was only a shell, and were only able to walk on the 1st floor and basement, for the 2nd and 3rd floors were not even there, just pure height. Giving credit, where credit is due, Kendra, my partner and wife, spearheaded this project, and is responsible for every visable detail. All in all, the project was completed in 15 months and the Yoons could not be happier with the end result.”

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