Rodriguez House by Luciano Kruk

Rodríguez House is a project designed by Luciano Kruk is located in La Esperanza, a gated community halfway between Pilar and General Rodríguez. This rural urbanization’s great lots are surrounded by polo clubs. Its streets, made out of compact calcrete and crushed stone, are configured in accordance with the area’s longstanding woods. Photography by Daniela Mac Adden

The corner lot in which the house is situated is 80 meters long and 29 meters wide at the front, and becomes narrower towards the back. Rows of willow-trees surround the terrains flat topography.
This commission was made by a young couple with no kids that wanted to build their permanent residence. They asked for a house with a pure external image and an uncomplicated inner distribution. A single floor needed to accommodate a master suite and a second bedroom sharing a bathroom with a completely integrated social area. They also requested a project for a future enlargement in view of the possibility to include a third bedroom.
They wanted a spacious gallery that would allow them to be in close touch with nature and a swimming pool. After taking a look at other houses built by our studio, they manifested their attraction to reflecting pools and patios, and they came up with the idea to incorporate those into their project.
The house was designed as a pure volume. Taking into account regulatory setbacks and keeping in mind a future expansion, the built area took up the lot’s whole width. A platform made out of concrete allows one to walk over a reflecting pool and reach a semi-covered reception hall. Right across the door, the first thing that comes into sight is a leafy inner patio just behind a glass panel. This patio arouses the senses as it allows views that go to the back of the lot.
Architects Luciano Kruk
Location General Rodriguez, Argentina
Project and Direction Luciano Kruk
Area 1711.4 ft2
Project Year 2018
Construction Constructora Correa
Project Manager Belén Ferrand
Construction Manager Belén Ferrand
Collaborator Denise Andreoli
Text editing Mariana Piqué
Land area 21312.5 ft2

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  1. Maria

    Beautiful house! Wonderful proyect, neat, concise volume and yet airy! The visual sensation is extraordinary since the house mimetizes with the sorroundings! The reflecting pool, the night lights give a sensation of magic! Congratulations! I know the area and I value this type of design which combines space, simplicity and nature!


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