Origami Fold House by SG2 design

Origami Fold House is a project designed by SG2 design. Located on the the outskirts of Melbourne’s CBD, this project in Footscray involved the demolition of rear lean-to structures, to accommodate new living areas with a rear deck and other general improvements. The house lies within a heritage overlay, which ensured we had to respect the existing facades as part of the design process. Photography by Hans van der Post.

We proposed to maintain a similar aesthetic to the dominant style, yet create a contemporary feel for the new additions. A new skillion roof creates a junction between old and new areas, expressed at the apex via a series of openable clerestory windows located high above. The windows allow for accumulated rising heat to be vented during summer months, providing a simple passive-cooling system.

The skillion roof extends out to create solar shading for the new deck and to express the roof structure itself. The proposed additions use the similar materials to those on the existing house, to help marry new areas with old.

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