Modern and fun apartment by Studio 19

This project is signed by architect Stephanie Esposito, from Studio 19 Arquitetura. A young bachelor who wanted an unusual apartment, with color and mixture of styles, from retro to futuristic. Photography by Julia Herman Photos.


These were the requests that the resident of this 70 m² apartment sent to architect Stephanie Esposito, from Studio 19 Arquitetura. “He had a lot of references. It was challenging to come up with a project that brought them all together in a balanced and harmonious way ”, she says. There is no lack of colors, textures and prints, all used intensively, but with guaranteed visual unity. While in the entrance hall and TV room the guava tone and striped wallpaper predominate, the suite is marked by pink, blue and white. Also notice the closet door, which received corrugated glass. On the balcony there was a table for eight seats and an inviting round sofa – all over the patterned floor with 3D effect.

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