La Maison Xun by LDH Architects

Located within a quadrangle courtyard in Beilucaoyuan Hutong in Beijing, La maison Xun, a Chinese style restaurant, has been put into operation quietly. Unlike other popular high-end restaurants today, it boasts its comfortable modern art and antique architectural pattern. Designer Liu Daohua of LDH Architects insists on respecting both history and nature. He brought people back to the tranquility in the memory of old Beijing residents in today’s bewildering aesthetics. Photography by Wang Ting from Dalian AsYouSee.


Different spaces assume different forms and meanings. For La Maison Xun, its design core lies in the introspective experience in aesthetics and art and also the intuitive sense of times. It allows you to feel the natural tranquility of the city in the life atmosphere of the ancient Hutong.

Entering into the quadrangle courtyard through the red gate, you can see Chinese traditional art elements such as gray tiles, wooden eaves, black walls, and ancient trees, which will bring people into those elegant years.

Project Name: La Maison Xun
Design Company: LDH Architects
Design Team: Liu Daohua, Cheng Qianyuan, Li Youzhe, Li Lei
Completion Time: October 2020
Total Area: 500㎡
Address: Beilucaoyuan Hutong, Dongcheng District, Beijing

Furnishing Consultant: Chen Darui
Furniture Brand Maxmark and Chendarui
Art Cooperator: Zhao Qianying and Zhang Zhanzhan from ArtDepot
Lighting Consultant: Beijing Guangshe Lighting Design Co., Ltd
Flower Arrangement Design: Creative Director of spatial flower and plant of Cohim Yu Honghui
Photography: Wang Ting from Dalian AsYouSee

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